The Extra Benefits Of The Intelligent Security Systems

If you want to keep your home and your family safe and never to worry about this aspect, you should install a smart security system. This system will connect your lightning, the thermostat, the doors, the windows and to top all of these, the motion sensors and the HD cameras will record the entire activity in your house. There are many common features that every security system has, but the smart ones make the best of them stand out:

Use access codes intelligent

Every security system uses access codes, but usually one access code will grant permission to anyone into the your house. With an intelligent security system you can give different access codes to different people. For example, you can give an access code to your gardener, dog walker or housekeeper and limit the use of the codes. The codes will work just in specific intervals, when that persons need to enter your house and the system will arm afterwards. This is a great way to keep your home safe and prevent burglaries. If you read the home security systems reviews you will notice that this is a very popular and loved feature, because it provides you extra safety. If your staff will try to enter your home at a different time or will give the code to an unknown person, they won’t be able to enter the house, because you didn’t schedule your system to let them in.

It is all about scheduling

With these smart security systems you can schedule your house even when you are away. By using a mobile app you can log into your security service and arm and disarm the house, turn on or off the lights or the thermostat. You can even schedule your system from holiday and don’t let strangers know you are not at home.

Keep an eye on your loved ones

If you have children, or you live with your older parents, it is safest to keep an eye on them. The security system will give you the possibility to know how much they spend in each room, like in the bedroom, how often they leave the house and if they arrive home in time. Using this feature you can detect strange activity and discover dangerous situations.

Check the history if needed

Another great advantage is the fact that you can check the history library. Sometimes you might not be able to watch the live feed, or check every night the records, but if needed, you can go back, to a certain date, event and sensor and check the activity in your house. This is extremely helpful if different accidents occur or if someone breaks in or tries to.