Suggestions On Using Home Meat Slicers And The Picking Up The Perfect One For You

The food slicers also known as meat slicers are becoming common on the counter tops of the kitchen besides only being used in large food industries and chef’s choice at restaurants. Though the home versions are compact and are not powerful, yet the job of slicing can be easy accomplished.  The following are few tips that should be taken care while using the slicers.

Use boneless meat:

When you slice the meat, you should see that it does not contain bone. This will damage the slicer and render useless. The Slice Wiser will last longer and give uniform cutting every time you use it.

Frozen foods:

The foods that are fully frozen will be difficult to slice instead of slightly frozen. You won’t be able to get even cut if the food is fully frozen.

Do not skimp:

You should by default clean the slicer after every use. This is important hygienically and from maintenance point of view also. The better you take care of the equipment, the longer will it last without requiring frequent repairs and damage. You should refer Owner’s manual to get it cleaned since each slicer’s are different and so the procedure.

Avoid dishwasher clean:

The dishwasher uses hard detergents that are harmful for slicers and might cause damages to its parts. Hence instead use warm soapy water and dry them completely.

From the above you can decide what’s best for you. Depending on your requirement and how occasional user you are, will determine the model you select.

  1. Entry level slicers:

These types of slicers are intended to use occasionally for an hour or two at the most.  These models are simple and easy to operate with few safety features. Though they can be used for all types of meat, vegetables there are not recommended for cheese. You should look for the specifications of each model before finalising one.

  1. Mid-Tier slicers:

These types of slicers have larger blades and more rated horsepower meaning greater capacity of working. These are similar to entry level with additional safety features.

  1. Premium slicers:

These are top-of the shelf and are heavy duty slicers with varied design features and capabilities. They can slice any food even cheese with ease and precision. They come in manual and automatic versions.

The common parts of the slicers include blades, product carriage (tray) for food placement, auto sharpener, gauge plate surrounding the knife, pusher to hold the food while slicing, knife guard to avert cut hazards.

Thus, you should carefully select the model, after going through the details of the relevant models shortlisted. The product should serve your purpose with ease.

Right Ways to Use a Hair Straightening Brush and Taking Care of It

When it comes to hair styling, everyone has their choice. Some like curly hair while others are fond of straight hair. To straighten your hair, there is hair straightening brushes available in the market. To prevent your hair from damage, it is very important to use it properly and take good care of it.

In this article, you will learn about some useful tips that would keep your brush in the best condition.

Always wash your hair prior using it

We have gathered a list of tips that helps you use your hair straightening brush in the right way. The first tip is to clean your hair before applying the brush. Hair experts advise to always wash your hair thoroughly to remove any dirt from it.

Use a good quality shampoo followed by a conditioner to keep it clean and frizz free. Dry your hair with a dry and clean towel and the use the straightening brush. Doing in this manner would help your hair get straighten and protect them against heat damage and frizz.

Technique to Brush

It is very important to use the brush in the right way. While brushing, each section of your hair should go deeply into the straightening brush in such a way that hair strands get uniformly straightened. It is recommended to brush slowly so that all the hair sections get adequate amount of heat to make them straight. This will also lower the period your hair is exposed to heat. So, there will be no damage due to heat.

Regularly cleaning of your brush

When it comes to taking good care of your brush, cleaning holds immense significance. Clean your brush every day using a soft and damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution. Before starting to clean your brush, ensure that it is not plugged into electricity. Also, remove any hair strands present in between the bristles of your brush.

You need to properly clean the tiny areas in between the bristles where there are chances of the residue formation from the hair care products you use. This formation of the residue can increase the chances of damaging your hair due to heat and also lower the effectiveness of the brush.

These are the simple tips that you need to follow on a daily basis to take good care of your hair straightening brush. Better use and hygiene not only increases the life of the brush but also protects your hair and make them silky smooth and straight.