A glimpse of the best rice cookers in 2015

Every meal should be cooked properly and it should yield great taste, texture and amounts. No meal is easier to cook than rice. Rice is prepared for a few minutes and involves little procedure. The light work of cooking rice does not mean that it should be ordinary fare. If you have the right rice cooker, if you buy a rice-cooker that is capable of producing rice that is not soggy or undercooked, then you are on the right way to a memorable meal of rice. Looking at the rice cookers advertised around the world, none beats the ones that are going to be expounded soon. These are quite by a mile the best rice cookers that are on sale now. They have appeared on reputable rice cooker reviews and continue to gain popularity as positive reactions from those who have bought them continue to glow.

The best place to start is with the Aroma ARC 914SBD digital rice cooker, now available at Rice Cookers Portal at a nice discount. This rice-cooker is perfect for cooking 2 to 8 cups of high quality rice. It has specialised controls and dichotomous functions which ensure varieties of brown and white rice are well-cooked. It can be a digital food-steamer. You can cook rice as you steam meat and vegetables underneath. The Aroma ARC rice cooker has a programmable timer that can program food to be ready and hot by the time of your convenience. It is as simple as adding rice and water while you go about your busy schedule. This rice-cooker is versatile as a rice cooker can be as it allows you to cook soups and stew into the rice cooker. Production of these meals can similarly be programmed like rice. It has a non-stick cooking pot and vital accessories. The Aroma ARC serves as a warming function. The exterior does not heat up making it safe to touch while it is active cooking. It has a heavy duty, removable pot that makes it very easy to clean.

The Panasonic-SR-DE103 rice-cooker has a micro-computer feature called fuzzy logic which adjusts the power of the cooker depending on the amount of rice that has been placed in the pot. This helps in precise cooking. This enables the cooker to produce consistent results. It can cook all varieties of rice ranging from white, brown and sticky rice. It has cooking options for the rice like porridge, slow cook, cake and steam. Using the Panasonic, you can expect a 15 minute cooking session. The pan is with white anodizing ensure tastier rice. It looks aesthetically appealing with a white chrome finish. There is a timer and pre-programmed cooking options to ensure a delicious meal. When it is done cooking, it switches to the warming mode ensuring rice will be served at a palatable temperature with accompanying meals. It has a domed-lid to prevent unwanted moisture from getting sipping into the well cooked rice and making it soggy. There is a large LCD read out that enables you to monitor progress when you are cooking.

These two rice cookers are among the best in the world by a distance. They are affordable and convenient for busy schedules that many have embraced today.