Avoid Being a Victim of Rental Frauds in Amsterdam by Playing Smart

Looking for an apartment for rent in a new place is not so easy when compared to finding an accommodation in a familiar place. If you are naive, you can easily get swindled. It is a big bad world out there.

Be Choosy While Looking for Accommodation

The first rule for any house hunting is not to be too desperate. Yes, there is a whole lot of pressure on your head, but this need not be shown to the estate agents or house owners. If you plan on shifting to Amsterdam and do not know Dutch, you can easily be cheated upon by frauds.

Such people are always on a lookout for newbie’s and will lure you with reasonable rates and apartments that look too good in pictures, but in reality might not be up to your expectations. If you are new to the house hunting game, then you might want to look out for these signs while looking out for an apartment in Amsterdam:

  • Ensure that you do your homework thoroughly when it comes to searching estate agents
  • Check reviews offered by customers on the credibility of the company or agency
  • Check if the company or agency is authentic with a website furnishing all their contact details
  • Ensure that you call the company and ask as much as questions as possible
  • Do not disclose too much personal information about yourself
  • If the estate agent or owner keeps pestering you to rent the apartment, then you need to be cautious
  • Ensure that you have a lawyer go through the contract or the rental agreement

There are many genuine agencies out there that offer the best accommodations for rent in Amsterdam. To know more about such agencies, you can click here.

Investigate the Property

Even if all the documents look in place and your lawyer has given you the green signal to occupy the place, you still need to be smart. If you feel that something sounds off, then listen to your instinct.

Ensure that you inspect the property thoroughly before you sign the contract. Does the house have all the features that you wanted? Do the keys work? Are the taps functioning? If you still have your doubts, you can always contact professional associations that provide detailed information about the estate agencies or the owner.


If you are paying your deposit in cash ensure that you demand for a signed receipt acknowledging the same. Keep all the receipts and documents with you, in case you become victim of a fraud.