Best ways to grow Instagram followers

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform that when used effectively for marketing can increase your awareness and help you gain a huge social media presence. Below you will find 3 effective strategies are some of the best ways to grow your Instagram followers.

Get using hashtags:

Hashtags are a great tool that can be used to target your niche audience. When posting content use hashtags that are relevant to your account as it will help people searching for those hashtags to find you. You can use already popular hashtags. However, although these are searched more often there is also a lot of other accounts posting content with these already, which will mean more competition. You can try to create and use your own hashtags that are relevant to your account. A small tip – do not use the same hashtags for every post as this could be suspected as spam. If you do have to use the same hashtags then change the order you put them in.

Be strategic with your comments:

By being strategic with your comments you can gain followers. This will include leaving comments on accounts that are similar to yours or accounts that have your targeted audience. Most will integrate the ‘follow, like, comment’ approach. A small tip – when commenting on your audiences posts try to be the last person to comment, that way you have more chance of being seen by other people following that account which could lead to more people following you. This can be an effective way to gain more followers but the downsides are that it is not guaranteed and can be very time-consuming. If time is an issue and you have the finances for a good investment to grow your account then it is recommended to use an Instagram Bot.

Use an Instagram Bot:

Instagram bots will use the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach but automatically. Which will save you a lot of time doing this tedious work yourself. You can use the Bot to select your target audience and its auto motion will find them by reading hashtags. Other features of a Bot include automated direct messaging.

As with any social media platform, engagement is critical. You cannot expect to grow your following without engaging with your targeted audience. Try the 3 steps mentioned above and watch your Instagram gain new followers. If you would like to read more about the best ways to grow Instagram followers check out