Where Can You Use the Plasma Cutter?

Plasma cutting is one of the latest techniques that cut steel and other metals using the properties of plasma. The tool that is used for this purpose is called the plasma cutter and has gone ahead to replace the traditional torches because of the many advantages it offers.

Plasma cutters make use of an inert gas that is in compressed form. It uses a high voltage electric arc to cut the metals to size. The plasma cutter was initially used by the military to weld aircraft parts together. The benefits and efficiency that the cutters exhibited have made them be used in various industries as well. Let us look at the various applications of this technology in other areas.

Cutting, Creating and Welding

This tool is suitable for cutting, creating and welding, and has been put to use in the aircraft welding industry. The tool is also used in the automobile industry to join different parts. Locksmiths will also find these tools from http://www.cutslikebutter.com/ useful when cutting locks in emergencies. The construction industry will also find the tool ideal for various situations. Artists who work with different metals can use the tool to create different shapes.


The best feature about this tool is that you will get results that are precise. You can use the tool to cut metals along curved lines using a template. The tool makes this possible by creating heat on the affected zone to make it ideal for smooth cutting.

No effect on the Surrounding Areas

A significant advantage of using plasma cutters is that they won’t affect the surrounding areas being cut. You will find the surrounding areas to be cool, while the area being cut gets the heat. This is a useful attribute for situations when the surrounding area needs to be protected from warping.

It Is Fast, VERY Fast

Compared to traditional cutting methods, a plasma cutter can cut metal at high speed. This is regardless of the metal being thick or thin. You can cut metal up to speeds that are five times higher than the traditional speed.

These tools are available in different sizes, which make them highly portable. Choose the right one depending on the job and your budget.

In Closing

A plasma cutter is an efficient and amazing tool for working on metals of different thicknesses and features. You can check out the various tools available on the market and choose the one that suits your needs.