Cheap Flat Irons For Sale @ Deziree Astra Of Course

Everybody loves a great sale. We like to get good stuff for as little cost as possible. But the harsh truth is, there is really no such thing as a free lunch. Especially when you’re talking about flat irons. I’m a big saver. I try not to spend too much on items that I don’t really need. And when I do have to spend, I like to get my money’s worth. I used to think that I could get away with buying dirt-cheap flat irons. After all, why should I spend a fortune on my hair? Not long after, I found out exactly why.

Plate Composition

All hair straighteners do their job, namely straighten your hair. However, the primary determinant for a flat iron’s quality is its heating plates. The cheapest flat irons have heating plates made of aluminum. And they’re cheap for a reason: aluminum plates are easily scratched and break down easily with frequent use. The next step in metallic plates are titanium plates, and unlike aluminum, are much less prone to scratching and subsequent hair damage

Then you have ceramic plates. These plates are composed non-metallic substances that are more durable and less-damaging than plain aluminum plates. They also heat up more evenly, meaning that the entire plate is at an equal temperature. This makes the ceramic plates more dependable when it comes to evenly straightening your hair. Some brands infuse their ceramic plates with finely ground tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that provides a smoother surface for ceramic-flat iron plates. This makes the plates less prone to pulling hairs out of your scalp when you pass over an iron.

Cost Of a Flat Iron

The cheap hair iron that I bought damaged my hair. It made it dry and brittle. Much worse, it conked out on me about a month after I purchased it.

Talk about value for your money!

Looking for a flat hair iron that won’t burn a hole in your wallet? Well, it’s not impossible to find one that’s both reasonably priced and of good quality as well. Here are some tips that will help you avoid my buying mistakes – and get you sale and satisfaction:

1. Buy online
A lot of good brands sell their irons online now. Because there’s so much competition in the market, prices have substantially gone down. So, check the internet and read a bunch of titanium flat iron reviews to make sure you make the right decision.

2. Be realistic
If you think that a $20 flat iron will give you beautiful hair – well, think again. You don’t have to buy the most expensive item out there, but you do have to be realistic. Get something mid-range: not expensive but not dirt-cheap either. There’s a balance to everything – even flat irons.

3. Features
Choose a flat hair iron with a lot of good features (temperature control, automatic shutdown, ceramic/ tourmaline plates). If you buy something that causes damage to your hair, you’ll end up spending more money in hair treatments.


That’s because the term “best” is relative, and it’s all up to you, the user, to determine what flat iron best suits your needs. When money’s tight and you need that slick, straight look to go with your formal attire, you probably might not want to consider plunking down in excess of $300 for a flat iron you’ll be using probably once or twice a year. If you’re a professional hair stylist who absolutely needs a quality flat iron that will make sure your customers leave the salon with a radiant and glowing hairdo, you don’t want to get a flat iron that’ll ruin hair-dos and break down in less than a month.