Drill Bits For Perfect Drilling In Metals

Drilling is an important part of metal working. It helps in creating perfect holes in the metal sheets, rods or any metallic items without any efforts or making fuss.  For the satisfactory drilling, there is a need to have the best quality of drilling machines and the best type of drill bits. Drill bits are the drilling or piercing part of the drilling machine which helps in creating hole.

There are different types of drill bits on the basis of its material, coating, design and the kind of drilling that is needed to be done. So, if you are looking to buy the drill bits for you, you should first recognize your need. Drillbit Best offers great reviews of the top quality drill bits which are helpful to pick the best one.

Metal drill bits

Since, drilling in the metal is not so easy there is a need of strong drill bits for the metal works.  Generally, cobalt coated or titanium coated drill bits are used for the purpose of drilling the metals.  There are many reasons which support for the coating of drill bit with titanium oxide. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Heat resistance

While drilling on the metal, lots of heat is generated that makes it easy to drill the metallic surface.    However, this heat often results in breaking the drill bit and can cause injury to the driller. Titanium has higher boiling point hence it is capable of tolerating higher temperatures. Thus, it easily resists the small amount of heat generated while drilling. Tungsten drill bits can be rotated at higher speeds for the quick drilling. Rotation at the higher speed causes release of more heat that can make an issue while working with other types of drill bits but with tungsten drill bit, drilling at high speed can be done with high finish.

High penetration power

Titanium oxide coated drill bits are stronger and durable hence these can easily penetrate into the metal objects of varying thickness. If you need to create a hole in the metal object, you should use titanium coated drill bit. High penetrating power also results in deeper and smoother holes on the metallic surfaces.

Drilling in wide range of materials

With the help of titanium coated drill bits, drilling can be done on wide range of metals including iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and many more. You need to pick the right design of the drill bit for perfect drilling.