Email Marketing Services for Building an Email List

Alright, you may have a blog or a website, but you wonder why there is insufficient traffic. Next, you tell yourself that you deserve more visitors since you’ve done everything you can with social media. However, you probably forgot another crucial strategy, build an email list. If you wish to set one up, the first thing you will need, besides your website, is an email marketing service:

Email Marketing Services

You may find it confusing to choose among a plethora of email marketing services. And you are likely tempted to settle for a free platform, but it is best that you avoid wasting your time on those. After all, these are inefficient, and you’d want the best for your business.

Blog Notification Services

One clear disadvantage with blog notification service is that you cannot send private emails since your content is likely to be public before you send the email. Another is that you are unable to personalize the message, it merely puts a bland format without any form of personalization. Also, you will not be able to categorize your subscribers, which makes your message not as targeted as you’d like. Lastly, in case you find yourself discontented, you will lose most of your subscribers once you switch to paid.

Professional Email Marketing Services

Instead of those free blog subscription services, opt for a paid professional service. With these, you are able to send private emails en masse to your subscribers. Furthermore, you can check the activity of your subscribers as well as their response. Also,  since you can customize your emails, you can check which form of approach is compatible with your subscribers. Lastly, you can keep track of the email addresses of all of them.

Build Your Email List

Now, for the next part, you need to begin with building your email list. Starters can opt for WordPress as it is free, and you are less likely to lose your resources in case your marketing scheme fails. Furthermore, it comes with built-in widgets, and you can embed themes. If you want an in-depth tutorial, visit Fred Harrington, since he wrote a guide for building a mailing list with WordPress.


When it comes to marketing, an email list is a decent alternative to social media campaigns. Also, an email marketing service is a crucial step in building an email list. However, beginners end up in pitfalls such as free blog notification services instead of selecting paid ones. And you can avoid that by opting for professional email marketing services right away. Lastly, building the email list itself with plugins can be done with WordPress, as it is free.