Excellent Guide on How to Learn Foosball Quickly

When it’s about the leisurely pastime, Foosball is the easiest game you can look forward for. This guide will provide you with few tips for making Foosball great for you.

Few Tips:

  • Face the Challenges

In case, you have challengers standing against you, don’t be afraid to face them. Ask them to come and play the game with you. Joking, taunting or asking them few questions related to their area of interest are great ways of initiating an invigorating match.

  • Carb Up

Some new facts have been discovered with respect to Foosball as a sport.  It has been found that daily food intake and exercising are key factors to achieve success. During the day of the match, intake of fish oil and proteins are a must.

  • Recognise Your Shot And Stick To The Same

In case, you excel a shot against all opponents, you can vault over the competition.  You can make your performance by sticking to the shot you had played. There are various types of shots you can choose from.

The Pull/Push Shot: This shot generally involves three men attacking one row. Here the objective is to quickly push or pull the ball into correct position and hit the shot.

Bank Shot: This shot requires a person to be familiar with the law of physics.  As said by Newton’s Second Law, if any object is kicked, it’ll bounce off the wall. These shots are usually low percentage shots which do a great job in sneaking past the defence.

Mirror Shot: This is the most satisfying and offensive move in a game and requires shadowing of the opponent’s defenders and goalie. In case, they try a shot or pass from any of the mentioned defensive positions, you must slap it into their goal.


Learning any game is neither that easy nor very difficult. It all depends upon your handwork and dedication that you make in learning. Therefore, be serious and follow the tips, you’ll surely make it.