Why You Should Pack Lunch for Your Kids

It’s time for the little one to go to school, finally! As a parent, you have two options, to let your kid eat at the school cafeteria or pack lunch for him/her. Okay, the first choice doesn’t sound appealing, right? Indeed, your kid is better off with packed lunch and here’s why;

You Can Make Healthy Choices for your Child

The primary reason you’d want to pack lunch for your child is the fact that you have control over what he/she eats. As a parent, you know your kid’s eating habits. It is, therefore, simpler to choose their favorite healthy foods. Besides, the choice of food items at the cafeteria is quite repetitive.

Also, not every school will provide the right food if your child has allergies or is sensitive to some foods such as eggs or nuts. This post offers a good point to start if you’re looking for ideas on what to pack for your kid.

You Kid Learns About the Importance of Healthy Eating

By the time your child is of school going is age, he/she starts to show a preference for some foods over the others. You can therefore use this opportunity to help the young one develop a taste for healthy options including fruits and vegetables. That way, your kid will always have an idea of what to expect in their lunch box and can make suggestions to people packing their lunch when you’re not around.

There’s Less Wastage

Most schools provide large portions that your three years old can hardly finish. While you may not be around to stop it, there’s a lot of food that goes to wastage when you allow your child to eat at the cafeteria. However, with packed lunch, your kid can always bring home the leftovers to be used as after-school-snacks.

Packed Lunches are Cheaper

You’re likely to spend about five bucks for your child’s packed lunch. Sure, the meals at school may not cost this much, but when you consider the quality of food, packed lunches are indeed cheaper. Besides, you can allow your child to eat the leftovers later.

The Bottom Line

There’s every reason to pack lunch for your child if you’re serious about their overall wellbeing. The only thing to remember is that you should choose a lunch box with thermal insulation and BPA free material. Also, it has to be large enough for your child’s needs.