Pointers That Your Instagram Campaigns Are About To Fail

The fastest way to kill a brand or crash a business is applying the wrong marketing strategy because marketing is a strong pillar when it comes to business. Sometimes people ignore while others do not even know if they are on the wrong track during their promotional campaigns. A good number of people are doing well on social media marketing while others are still struggling to close a sale. The difference between the two lies on how they make their campaigns. Instagram is a popular platform and a good channel for marketing. The following are some indicators that your Instagram campaign is about to fail.

    1. You use the same content over and over again

Marketing has evolved and some of the approaches that were applicable ten years ago might be obsolete now. Do not be lazy but research for new content and ensure that you have something fresh that people can look up to. Take recent photos of your products to avoid inconveniencing customers by posting images of products that are out of stock. Avoid using other people’s content as this might land you in copyright issues. Brand all your content to protect your images and videos from unauthorized use by competitors or people from other niches.

    1. There is low engagement on your posts

You may be having thousands of followers on Instagram but every time you make a post, the engagement is very low. Such an incidence indicates that your content is not interesting enough to attract people to engage. Follow market leaders and check the type of content that they post and emulate them. Make search engines your friend and research on how to increase engagement on your posts. Contract influencers to promote your posts across their networks and increase your outreach. Tag your most active followers on your posts and encourage them to engage others.

    1. You spend a lot of time on Instagram but the conversion rate is low

Instagram can be addictive but spending time there and making posts does not guarantee that you will make a sale. You can automate some functions and get enough time for service delivery and also engage followers on a personal level. Anne at Free Your Spine has reviewed some of the best bots that you can use for your campaigns. You can set a budget for sponsoring your posts once in a while as it allows you to target followers based on demographics.