Reasons Why Vinyl Records Continue to Be Popular

The popularity of vinyl records has surged over the past few years. Since 2008, these records have recorded a sharp rise in sales, and since then the numbers have steadily increased. This begs the question why are these records suddenly popular decades after the CD player ruled the music industry?

Disc Jockeying

DJs have been around for a while, but with the advances in technology, they can now access more equipment. With the availability of turntables, these professionals can now get into the business easily. One of the darlings of these professions is the vinyl record. They love it because it offers high capacity for scratching and produces good sound quality. With more people getting into the industry, the need for vinyl records has jumped. You can visit Vinyl Vintage to understand more about these records.


In an environment where the only record of music is on mp3 files and folders on a hard drive, many people are looking at the vinyl records because they are collectible. You can’t compare CD’s in their covers to the vinyl records in their big majestic sleeves. There is also a craze of finding rare collections of this vinyl record with the hope that someday they will fetch a fortune.

High Audio Quality

For audio enthusiasts, there isn’t a doubt that vinyl records represent the best way to enjoy top quality audio of any track. With mp3 files all over, it is hard for high quality audio to come by. Vinyl records offer the frequencies that give you the quality you desire. On the other hand, MP3 files use a lot of compression, leading to loss of quality.

Alternative Download File Included

Many people love the convenience of mp3 files because of the portability and compatibility to current digital players. The good news is that you also get to download the mp3 file after you get the vinyl record. You do this via the download key that is included with the vinyl. You can buy the record then head online to download the file to your iPod.


Most of the generation that was collecting vinyl in the 1980s are now in their 50s. Many hold onto the nostalgia of the yesteryears and the best thing they can associate with this period is the vinyl record.


As the music industry shifts gradually to the digital age, you leave a lot behind. However, one of the memoirs you will always carry with your is the vinyl record.