Regular Car Maintenance: What It Prevents

No matter which and how old car you have, it will require regular maintenance. Depending on a model, it may be every 100.000 miles or less and it is mandatory to use specialized services and to pay close attention to the regular service unless you want to cause severe damages and issues.

Recently, the BMW, BMW Mini, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Specialist in Chelmsford, Essex announced that a driver ruined a 2-year-old car, (Mercedes S Class) due to the fact it neglected driving it to a regular maintenance. If you don’t want to get the same result, you must obey this important rule.

Regular maintenance can prevent several main issues, including the engine wear. Over time, oil loses its properties, so it doesn’t prevent inner component wear and doesn’t reduce friction. This is one of the main reasons why you must change the oil on a regular basis.

Regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of a car

Besides the engine that requires careful and scheduled maintenance, there are some other car systems that require the same amount of attention. Professional garages will check all of them and replace worn components, which will guarantee you a safer drive and better performances. This will include:

  • Suspension elements

If a suspension is damaged, it won’t absorb all vibrations, therefore, it will cause additional damages to the bodywork and chassis.

  • Air filter

Your car has an air filter that is used to clean the air that goes into the engine. Without an air filter, the engine would be damaged after just a few minutes. An old air filter will restrict the amount of air an engine needs, so your car will have poor performances.

  • Timing belt

A timing belt is used to connect and sync the movement of the camshaft (valves) and the crankshaft. If it breaks during the drive, an engine will be completely ruined. A timing must be replaced after 15.000 miles.

  • Brake pads

Regular maintenance will involve inspection and replacement of the brakes. Brake pads must be replaced if they are worn or old. Proper maintenance also includes inspection of the disks and drums.

  • Wheel alignment

If a car is old or it was involved in an accident, a wheel alignment will be affected. Regular maintenance will inspect and prevent this issue.

These were just a few points related to the regular maintenance of a car. Without it, a car won’t be able to work properly.