The Importance Of Using A High Quality Welding Helmet And How To Choose The Right One

Welding in garage can be a strenuous task, especially, for the eyes. Using the right welding protection gear can help you weld better and focus on the job. It also protects your eyes from causing any damage due to the sparks. The lens in the welding helmet is the most essential part to look for when buying it from online store or local shop.

Details to look for in a welding helmet

  • Choose a welding helmet that has a UV filter lens and a dark tinted glass
  • The newer welding helmets are made of molded plastic and provide basic protection
  • The welder has to choose a helmet that helps them position their neck properly during work
  • The helmet must not flip or cause discomfort when working in restricted areas or small spaces
  • The welding helmets that have electronic lens filter are a better choice
  • These helmets are either battery operated or get charged through solar power
  • The light arcs fixed to the helmet help the welder to see through different shades of light
  • In a good quality welding helmet, the torch does not move

Other properties in welding helmet to look out for

Look for battery life, lens speed, weight of the helmet, sensitivity and controls that come along with the welding helmet. These are some valuable facts to know before buying a welding helmet. Sensitivity and delay control are the most important features to look out for when buying this it. These features help adjust the light when welding in bright and low lit areas.

Most of the professional helmets have infinite delay controls that help weld in any light and shade environment. Choose a light weight helmet, as it does not flip or cause discomfort to the neck when you adjust the arc light.

Buy standard helmets that meet the standards

When buying a welding helmet, it is vital to look into safety standards before buying it. ANSI is the standard to look for when buying this helmet. Though, no testing is done for temperatures, you can buy a professional helmet for welding jobs that is approved by ANSI post 2003 year.


Safety and precaution are of paramount importance in welding jobs. It is good to buy a helmet that matches the standards and is approved by the regulatory authorities. You can also find these in various designs and colors.