Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags

Do you know that adding one hashtag to your Instagram post makes it 10 percent more discoverable compared to a post without any tag at all?

This is the power of hashtags – they help expose your posts to your target audience, increase user engagement, attract followers to the niche and build your brand.

Though, with the power of the hashtags comes a huge responsibility that you need to shoulder.

Have a Strategy

Just the way you have a strategy for everything, you also need to have a strategy for your hashtags. This is because different kinds of hashtags have different objectives.

You can use hashtags for boosting engagement, increasing followers or extending your reach. For instance, if you need hashtags to attract more followers, you can click right here to get an idea of what kind of hashtags you need.

95 Million Images are Posted on Instagram Each Day

With more than 95 million images posted on Instagram each year, you are looking at a tiny chance of getting discovered by followers. Without hashtags, your post gets lost in the millions of posts each day. So, hashtags help you take your post to the front of the mass.

Hashtags also attract the right users to your posts. This is the basis for targeted marketing. The users that search for the hashtags are also looking for something specific, so you get to reach the right kind of people. Since this post is what your audience wants, they go ahead and engage with your post.

Keep Track of the Tags

When it comes to using hashtags, you need to find a tool to organize them. You can use an excel sheet or track them manually to keep track of the kind of hashtags to use, how often you use them and which ones are relevant to your popular posts. With time, you get to recognize a pattern between your hashtags and posts.

The Magic Number

Many brands use a few hashtags for their posts, most likely 7 or less. But this doesn’t work for everyone; some people get more success when they work with more than 7 hashtags as compared to working with less.

In Conclusion

Take time to understand what hashtags can do for you and how you can leverage them in your Instagram marketing efforts. When it comes to this, you need to have a plan, and follow the plan to the latter. Doing so helps your users find your posts.